What's In A Name?

"That which we call a rose. By any other name would smell as sweet."

- William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet

True, but would you want to press your nose into something called "putrid meat" flower? How about "rotten fungus" flower? (Oh, and did you know there are flowers that actually smell like decaying meat? Sorry, off topic.) In the plant world, names usually describe some characteristic of the plant. I believe that a business name should say something meaningful about the character of the company.

It took so long to decide on a name for what would become Agapé Garden Designs, LLC. There were a lot of names thrown around. Some serious and sophisticated (Jardin Couture). Some playful (Sunny Face Designs). A few were just plain goofy (Nope. Keepin' those to myself!). Ultimately, the name needed to convey what I hoped to offer to you: a unique personal design experience.

Agapé has different definitions depending on where you look for the word. The original Greek meaning is akin to brotherly love and goodwill. The word is also found in the Bible, where it is used to describe a higher standard of care and devotion than just brotherly love or goodwill toward people. It conveys a level of care and commitment that goes above and beyond what is commonly displayed in the world. It's supernatural! Whoa. That's a lot to live up to.

But that is exactly my goal as your designer.

I want you to experience uncommon care and commitment as we design your outdoor spaces together. I want you to have that inspirational place for relaxation and revelation. And I want you to have your own unique environment where you can connect with the people you cherish, make new friends, even make a difference in a world that needs uncommon care and commitment.

Every garden can become a place of connection and meaning.

Every garden can become a place where agapé happens.

That is what AGD is all about. Making an agapé difference. One garden at a time.

Sweet-smelling blessings to you,

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