Design Philosophy

My philosophy is simple: Landscapes should foster relationships and connections. The important things in our lives revolve around the people and places that are important to us. I want to help you cultivate those relationships and create healthy connections to the natural world around you through thoughtful design that speaks to you.

Design Process

Step 1: Getting Acquainted

This first step is all about us getting to know each other, deciding if we are a good fit, and discussing the prospect of preparing a design for your property. I will come to your home (or wherever the project site is) where we will walk and talk through your needs, desires, challenges, and budget. Feel free to share your inspiration collection if you have one (magazine clippings, online photo boards, etc) - anything that will help me better understand you and your landscape goals. This initial meeting takes about an hour. If you decide that I am a good fit, I will send you a fixed-rate estimate for your review and approval.

"Landscapes should foster relationships and connections."

Step 2: Site Study

Once we come to an agreement on cost and a contract is signed, I'll come back out to your project site to take measurements and do a site study. We will work out a time for me to be on site and any pets present will need to be contained. This process generally takes about 2 hours and it is not necessary for you to be in attendance. It's precious time for me to get familiar with your landscape and thoroughly understand it's character, challenges, and potentials.

Step 3: Preliminary Design

Our second meeting will involve the presentation of a preliminary design. Your honest feedback on the design is a crucial step in the process because the master plan will largely be the result of what is discussed during this meeting. For larger and/or more complex projects, there may be more back-and-forth exchanges to arrive at an ideal preliminary design. This is very normal and just part of the process. This meeting usually takes about an hour.

Step 4: Final Design - The Master Plan & Planting Plan

During this meeting, you will be presented with the master plan, planting plan, and any supplemental drawings to convey the design. We will then have a discussion about the installation process including whether you will do it yourself, hire a contractor (or contractors), phasing of the plan, timeline etc. 

Step 5: Installation & Maintenance Coordinator

Once the design phase is complete, I am ready to assist you during the installation phase. Please see this service on the How I Can Help page.