About Julie

I didn't always love this place. Like a lot of kids growing up in the Tri-cities, I couldn't wait to get out and see the world. Or just get out. And I did. I went to Washington State University and studied Landscape Architecture, graduating summa cum laude. I lived and worked in Spokane and Denver. I even lived in Florence, Italy for about four months studying Italian Renaissance garden design. But when my husband and I were starting our family, I realized that the Columbia Basin is home for me.


Most people I've met that are new to the Columbia Basin first notice the lack of trees, dry dusty hills, and scorching summer heat. But this place has many treasures. I grew up seeing burrowing owls line up on top of our swing set and making plant and animal discoveries in the sagebrush fields near my childhood home. The hills bloom in spring with many sweet little native flowers. Giant red-tailed hawks soar overhead. And the summer sun helps to bring forth the tastiest garden treats. All things I took for granted until I experienced life outside of this place.

There are so many beautiful opportunities here to strike a balance between the native and the cultivated. So many treasures to discover. So let's seek out and discover those treasures together...

"There are so many beautiful opportunities here...let's seek out and discover those treasures together."


I heart you, Tri-cities!